Eighth Aerial Port Squadron, USAF in Vietnam

Rich Howard's Binh Thuy Story

Phu Quoc Island
8th Aerial Port Squadron

Binh Thuy - Phu Quoc Island

When I left Phuoc Vinh I asked to be a VNAF advisor at Vung Tau. I was sent to Binh Thuy instead. At Binh Thuy two of us worked the night shift. One night our OIC told us clean the M16s in the arms locker. Broke open the first rifle and founded the barrel full with factory packed grease. Only two of the ten had been cleaned. The rest were just as they left the factory.
Most of us were transfer from det’s and OL’s that closed. We were used to having grunts providing base security. Air Force SP’s did not inspire confidence..
Since we worked by ourselves at night; we would lock and load two 16s. We would place them out of sight.
One night one of the day shift guys stopped in. He found one of the rifles and had to pick it up. Somehow the rifle discharged barely missing my coworker. It left power burns on his stomach. Next day the shooter is sent to Vung Tau taking the job I wanted. A week later he yelled at one his trainee and was moved. Finally I got my dream assignment.

I did not have much time to take pictures. What I have is a day trip to Phu Quoc Island the largest island in Viet Nam. During the Vietnam War the island housed South Vietnam's largest prisoner camp.

Phu Quoc Terminal

This is the Navy air terminal at Phu Quoc Island. One day five of us and two house girls took the daily commuter to Phu Quoc. This was a day trip to the pristine beaches. The C7 made three round passenger trips a day. Navy was very upset that we took seven of the scares seats. Threaten to bumped us off the finally flight. The AF crew told Navy that they would not leave us behind.

Flight to Phu Quoc

Not much to say about a C7 flight: slow and noisy. The back of the head someone whose name I do not remember. The name of smiling house girl is also forgotten.

Beach Party

Time has robbed my memory of names. The guy on the right was my grave shift co-worker. If anyone recognizes themselves or someone else please tell me or the webmaster. All I can remember the sand was white and the water clear and warm. The two house girls did not go to the beach. They claimed that the nearby town had great shopping.


This link will show Phu Quoc Island today. It is completely different from what was available when I was there.
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